12 Spots for the Best Glamping Wisconsin: The Ultimate Guide

How to Find and Do Luxury Camping in Wisconsin

Guide to THE Best Glamping Wisconsin

Are you getting tired of hauling all of your camping gear around? Instead try Glamping Wisconsin – this kind of camping is a luxury camping where you get to use real stuff you’d have at home, set up by the host for you! The best glamping in Wisconsin is easily the most awesome camping vacation you can do.

What is Glamping? 

Glamping is a combination of the two words “glamorous” and “camping”. While the regular thing may be a simple tent and a sleeping bag, glamping typically involves more comfort and luxury. Glamping Wisconsin campsites have semi-permanent luxury camping structures with upgrades (i.e. memory foam mattresses). So the experience becomes extra special, fun, and relaxing — especially for the best family camping in Wisconsin or romantic glamping Wisconsin getaway! 

Next, read up for a list of some of our favorites and some tips and tricks for glamping in Wisconsin! 

12 Amazing Glamping Wisconsin Spots for Your Bucket List

Plug in and check out some of the neatest places to go in Wisconsin’s Glamping Community! Level up with your camping game and travel to some of the hippest and luxurious places for glamping across the Badger State. Glamping Wisconsin has super cool options – ranging from luxury tents to treehouses and houseboats to yurts and more. 

Also check out one of our favorite other lists from the friends at Jones Around the World and Territory Supply. These guys are awesome!

    1. Point of View Lake Resort Glamping Campground | Near Eagle River (Starts at $100/night for 4 guests)
    2. Exceptional Cozy Yurt | Near Cable/Hayward (Starts at $225/night for 4 guests)
    3. Fancy Glamping Tents at Edenwood Ranch & Preserve | Near Wautoma (Starts at $299/night for 4 guests)
    4. Camp Wandawega Hickory Canvas Cabin & Camping Cluster – Lux Glamping | Near Elkhorn (Starts at $400/night for 5 guests)
    5. Twisting Twig Gardens Glamping Dome/Igloo | Near Bayfield (Starts at $105/night for 2 guests)
    6. Yurtcation Overlooking Serene Lake | Near Cambridge (Starts at $132/night for 2 guests)
    7. Riverside Retreat Glamping | Near Poplar (Starts at $129/night for 4 guests)
    8. Off Grid Inn Retreat (Contemporary Tiny Homes nestled in the Forest) | Near Fall Creek (Starts at $280/night for 4 guests)
    9. Brew City Airstream Urban Glamping | In Milwaukee (Starts at $105/night for 4 guests)
    10. Seriously Cool Treehouse in the Woods | Near Bayfield (Starts at $299/night for 4 guests)
    11. Exquisite Tiny Home to Disconnect In | Near Mondovi (Starts at $179/night for 3 guests)
    12. Sweet Tiny Home Features on Tiny House Hunters | Near Green Lake (Starts at $325/night for 4 guests)

Featured Wisconsin Glamping

Amazing Glamping in Wisconsin at Point of View Resort for the best family camping in Wisconsin
POV Lake Resort IS more than just a campground. It is AFFORDABLE luxury CAMPING at it’s best. The resort has a variety of Top-Rated Glamping Wisconsin 20th-Century period-authentic options. Try out their Vintage Campers, Luxury Tents (including yurt camping!) & BYOTent Campsites.

Luxury Camping Touches

The resort has modern comforts to really relax and treat yourself including Memory Foam Mattresses, Luxury Bedding, Space Heaters, Basic Electric, Lighting, & Indoor Flooring.

On Site Amenities for Affordable Glamping

Included in Rental Rate | The resort has  a newly-Renovated Rec Building, On Site General Store, super-clean Bathhouse, Beach/Docks, Basketball Court, Playground, Sand Volleyball, Horseshoes, Hammocks, Hiking Trails, Kayaks/Canoes, High Speed Wifi, and more!

Plug into the Midwest Glamping Community

Midwest Glamping at POV Lake Resort -- where you'll find the Best Glamping in Wisconsin

Even More Glamping Wisconsin Info

Don’t plan on going glamping in Wisconsin to have just a little fun. Be prepared to have a LOT of AWESOME adventures! Aim to put the “glam” in glamping by making your trip as easy, enjoyable, and memorable as possible!

What to Pack

Think ahead about what to expect there and what to pack. Read our Ultimate Glamping Packing List for more info.

Explore the Area

Plan on a few excursions to have even more fun while you’re exploring the best glamping in Wisconsin! For extensive information on the Vilas County/Northwoods scene, view POV Resort’s Area Guidebook.

Connect to the Local Scene

Plan ahead in case there is little cell signal. Look up local chamber and tourism webpages and ask county and community Facebook groups for advice on best places to go.

Cooking while visiting the best glamping in Wisconsin sites is a ton of fun! Before you go find out what your host will provide you to cook your culinary glamping delights. 

Here are some tips and tricks for cooking outdoors while luxury camping. We challenge you to “go gourmet” with your version of comfort foods!

Food & Drink

Menu plan ahead of time! Have fun looking up food options for your getaway. Check out this awesome Printable Camping Menu and Grocery List from Glamper Life. We totally love the creative ways you can grill. Some of our favorites are pizza, stuff-with-any-type-of-food-wraps, and easy foil-wrapped foods. Read POV Resort’s monthly newsletters for recipe tips (also posted on our Facebook page). Pack snacks to graze on when you rev up your appetites from all the fun too. Do some easy food and beverage pairings that highlight local fare and libations. 

Light the Grill

Remember to take matches and a lighter with you! Cooking spray always helps.

Keeping Cool(er)

Bring a good cooler when glamping. They make pretty affordable coolers that keep food very cold 3-5 days. Make a plan to refresh your ice (on or off site from campgrounds). Pack your cooler with pre-portioned food (pre-cut is awesome)! Put items you’re cooking with first on top so you won’t have to dig around. Pack to eat most perishable items first. Consider bringing a second cooler for beverages.

Pots & Pans

Bring cooking vessels and ways to clean them. Disposable foil pans and foil are a great recyclable way you can cook but not have to worry about cleanup. KISS method (keep it simple, stupid)!


Bring any tongs/spatulas, silverware, plates, cups, etc. that you’ll need to eat and do food prep. They make great disposable and recyclable options these days!

Part of the fun of visiting the best Glamping Wisconsin is doing different stuff in different environments. Get out of your comfort zone and try some new (or old!) things…

Explore & Move While Wisconsin Glamping

For the best family camping in Wisconsin or the best romantic getaway you’ve ever had…First, find a glamping host surrounded by the setting and the activities you want to do. Explore the fresh air, wildlife, and nature spotting or go discover the city! In nature, go exploring the woods with the family or, kayak, canoe, or tube down a nearby river. Absorb the magnificent sounds and sights of the around you.

Find the Gems – Visit Local Attractions

There’s something for everyone to do nearby when you’re glamping in Wisconsin. Stop by for a bite to eat somewhere or go do something off your bucket list. Ask the staff for local favorite things to do and places to go!

Awesome Northwoods Guidebook

We are partial to the Northwoods. Up here there is something that everyone will enjoy including a burgeoning foodie scene!

Make a Wisconsin Glamping Campfire

The campfire is a place of community and bonding. Play games, drink, eat and enjoy each other’s company around the campfire. Tell spooky or funny stories! Real quality time together that can’t be beat while doing the best glamping in Wisconsin.

Romantic Glamping Wisconsin Getaways

Treat your loved one to a romantic glamping Wisconsin trip. Go adventuring together where you land, drink bubbly, eat chocolates, sip out of beautiful mugs, and have a fun night out on the town! You deserve it!

Up Your Photography Game – Take Pictures of Wisconsin Glamping to Capture Memories

Dust off your DSLR camera and go capture the beauty of your glamping site. Or, learn how to use your smartphone’s camera to make memories for long after the best Glamping Wisconsin trip – Nine Tips for Taking Brilliant Nature Photos with Your Smart Phone.

Wisconsin Glamping Activities for Kids (or fun-loving Big People too!)

Try out nature spotting, scavenger huts, collecting artifacts for scrapbooks, trail finding, bird watching or listening to calls, star gazing, searching for bugs. Or go play tag, make tic tac toe out of sticks and stones, create an obstacle course out of found objects, or play hide and seek! Bring some rainy day fun too for Wisconsin glamping. Start making that scrapbook, bring some cards and games, read some books, or go play or hike in the rain! Here are a few more resources: 

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