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Get Out on the Ice on the Proven Waters of 3k North Twin Lake

Want to try ice fishing for the 1st time or don’t want to bring gear? POV Lake Resort is the top-rated of all inclusive ice fishing trips Wisconsin! We have ice fishing shack rentals $75+/day. We are on one of the nation’s premiere ice fishing bodies of water. Wintertime jigging in the weed beds produces excellent results. These lakes offer tremendous opportunities for catching walleye, northern pike, crappie, blue gills, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. 

Our shore on 3k acre North Twin Lake has easy, walkable or vehicle access via our boat launch to excellent ice fishing — catch pan fish or perch and fry up a dinner! Come see why so many anglers return year after year to the area for a well-stocked lake, professionally-cleaned cabins, breathtaking scenery, and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

Book the Top-Rated All Inclusive Ice Fishing Trips Wisconsin at POV Lake Resort!

Rental Form for Self-Guided Shanty Packages

RENT CABINS & ICE SHANTIES SEPARATELY ON OUR WEBSITE: Rent an ice fishing package below. If you haven’t yet, separately rent your cabin here.

SELECT A DAY BELOW: Pick a day to get out on the ice with the best of all inclusive ice fishing trips Wisconsin. Disregard the time slot – you can go out as early as you wish the day of your rental.

TO BOOK MULTI-DAY RENTALS OR THE VEXILAR: During the checkout process you will see a blue “Add More” button to click to add additional shanty days or the Vexilar inducer. You’ll need to add each day separately. 

SELF-GUIDED RENTALS | These rental packages are NOT a guide service, but are self-serve ice fishing gear. HOWEVER, we do have excellent orientation material below to get you goin!

SHANTY OPTIONS | The Top-Rated all inclusive ice fishing trips Wisconsin at POV Lake Resort has two types of insulated huts available – a 4 person wood shanty or a 4 person pop-up tent.

NOTE – We reserve the right to assign you a different shanty than reserved based on availability, safety, and conditions. However, we will make every effort to provide you with the shanty reserved.


Want to try ice fishing for the first time or not want to haul your own gear? POV Resort has insulated ice fishing shack rental packages (one wood shanty and one pop-up tent) complete with all the equipment and set-up you need. We are by far the most affordable of all inclusive ice fishing trips Wisconsin.

Full Day | $150 – gear for 4 ppl

What’s Included | Shanty, sled, 2 tip-ups per person, 1 ice fishing jigging rod per person, space heater (BYO tank or 1 lb propane tank available for purchase in our rec room self-serve store), pliers, seating for four, ice scoop, lures, etc. There is also a lightweight electric auger available for re-clearing holes – it is stored in rec room for your use. 

Alternatively, POV Resort has an shanty-only (insulated wood shanty or pop up tent shelters) rental package (bring your tip ups, seating, and other gear and leave the shanty at home!). 

Full Day | $75  

What’s Included | Wood or pop up ice fishing shanty

Vexilar Ice Fish Finder at POV Resort

A fish finder/flasher will make ice fishing far more successful. Targeting the right area and depth can take most of the guesswork out of fishing. Become a pro at finding fishing around your fishing zone. Ice fish like the experts do!

$30 Per Day

Model FL-18 Pro Pack II with 12 Degree Transducer with Soft Pack Case 

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Best of Wisconsin Ice Fishing Resorts at POV Resort Cabin Rentals
All Inclusive Ice Fishing Trip Wisconsin at POV Lake Resort

Ice Fishing 101 at POV Resort

Know Before You Go | Get Ready for the Top-Rated of All Inclusive Ice Fishing Trips Wisconsin 

Key Info for Ice Fishing Rentals at POV

Required Reading Before Checking In!

Bring winter gear, including recommended waterproof insulated boots and snow pants. Bring gloves as well. You’ll likely shed layers in the shanty with the space heater, so bring layers of clothes for under your coat. Get ready for your all inclusive ice fishing trips Wisconsin!

Get your fishing license ahead of time. Go to to purchase online. 

Get ready for the best of all inclusive ice fishing trips Wisconsin!

      • We do not allow rentals if ice conditions aren’t safe, so you should not need safety spikes, cleats on your boots, or ice fishing bibs. However, we ALWAYS emphasize caution!
      • Your gear will be ready any time your reservation day under the outdoor awning of the gray rec building to start (sled + gear). 
      • Head out to your shanty on the lake any time.
      • The ice auger is self-serve in the rec room. Use your sled to get it out on the ice to make holes, and then please return it to the rec room in the same condition for others to use — including putting the battery back on the charger.
      • We recommend going where others have gone before you digging holes on the lake. You will likely ice fish both inside your shanty and outside it with holes. Go to areas outside the shanty where holes have been drilled before or nearby where others are currently ice fishing – they are likely at the action! There is a great underwater “bowl” between the island and our shore – look at the contour map in the rec room to see depth changes — always a favorite of fish!
      • Three lines in the water per person (so for instance, you could have two tip ups and one pole in the water at a time)

Statewide fishing restrictions apply (see p. 8 of full regulations). Fishing holes cut through the ice cannot measure more than 12″ across. The doors of enclosed fishing shelters must be readily opened from the outside while occupied; they may be locked only while not occupied and not in use. The shelter owner’s name and address (in English) or DNR Customer ID number must be legibly painted or otherwise affixed on the outside of the fishing shelter with block lettering a minimum of one inch square and in contrasting colors. Fishing shelters that are occupied or otherwise in use are exempt from this requirement. After the date for removing shelters from the ice, you may continue to use a portable shelter, but you must remove it daily when it is not occupied or in use. 

We strive to stay the top-rated all inclusive ice fishing trips Wisconsin. So if you need help, reach out. On-site assistance is available any time between 9am & 6pm. Outside these hours we’re available to help with urgent support, emergencies, & quiet hours issues.

To reach us, use one of the following methods:

      • Ring the doorbell outside the gray rec building during staffing hours
      • Resort Help Line: 715-204-4111 (Note – This is Not a Cell #)
      • Resort Emergency Line: 715-545-3474
      • Email:
      • Online Chat: We have live chat with staff – click the blue chat icon in lower right corner of screen and someone can help you right away!​
    1. We provide one 24-28″ ice fishing jigging rods per person (up to four persons). The fish below the ice are sluggish, and they will not put up as hard a fight as they will in warm water conditions so the line doesn’t need to be as weighty as a normal fishing pole.

    2. Downsized jigs are the lures of choice in conjunction with live bait for the majority of your ice fishing. We provide a mix of lead or tungsten jigs in several head designs.

    3. If you would like to set a line for larger fish like bass, northern pike and walleye while you actively fish other holes, use the two tip ups provided per person. They are designed to straddle the hole and are equipped with a flag to indicate when a fish has taken the bait.
    4. We also provide a set of pliers per rental to remove hooks from fish and to secure split shot to your line.
    5. We also rent out separately (see above) a Vexilar ice fishing transducer fish finder. If you don’t know how to use it, here is a two-minute video orienting you to its operation (the model we rent out).

North Twin Lake and the waters off our shore are ready-made for the best of all inclusive ice fishing trips Wisconsin. Below are not only the most common ice fishing fish to go after, they are plentiful in our waters!


Bluegill Fishing at POV Lake Resort

Try fishing in shallow bays where the water is about four to eight feet deep. For bait, try a teardrop lure tipped with live insect larvae. Gently jig the lure up and down. As a general rule, the warmer the weather, the better it’s for Bluegill ice fishing. Catching them in bitter weather is challenging since they move to deeper water. Be quiet. Fish spook and avoid vibration and noise. And move! Hole–hopping, even small distances, can produce fish. Also, fish the entire VERTICAL water column. 

Yellow Perch

Perch Fishing at POV Lake Resort

Jig for perch at 35 feet. For bait, try small, live minnows or weighted ice flies and insect larvae. Gentle jigging with a lightweight bobber and a short pole with a strong line and a sinker seem to work great. Perch might be the other most popular species for ice fishing. They’re active throughout the day, though first light and sunset really drive the bite with perch. Once you find a school, the fishing can be nonstop action. You can find smaller fish nearshore, while bigger Perch live in deeper waters. Local anglers prefer to work with more than one hole at a time to take advantage of it. 


Walleye Fishing at POV Lake Resort

This schooling fish is found along the shorelines and in shallow bays. Key spots to look for Walleye include gravel bars, weeds edges, rocky drop-offs, and mid-depth mudflats, with depths ranging from 20 to 30 feet of water. Tip-ups rigged with minnows are the best technique. Ice anglers heavily target walleye. These fish are most active during the evening hours. Walleye have fantastic night vision and feed in lower light than most fish. Be prepared to fish until late evening for these toothy critters.

Northern Pike

Northern Pike Fishing at POV Lake Resort

While not as common on NTL, they’re out there. Fish shallow bays with large live minnows on a tip-up in four to 12 feet of water. Pike are well known for their affinity to cold. The colder, the better. Set your tip-ups before sunrise for the best chance. As the water warms, they become less active.

To be the top-rated of all inclusive ice fishing trips in Wisconsin, we make getting bait easy.

We sell spikes self serve in the rec room. These are often the easiest to get started with for beginners. You can pay cash there or with a card at, Spikes (a.k.a. maggots) when a 2-3 are tipped on the hook of a jig or other ice-fishing lure. Like a small minnow, these live terrestrial baits tend to catch almost any fish that swims under ice. 

Minnows (an ice fishing favorite) are also for sale at the Phelps Convenience Center 7 minutes down the road. We sell Styrofoam minnow buckets in the rec room self-serve store if needed. Size your minnows to your intended catch. Smaller shiners or other types of locally available minnows are ideal for panfish, trout and other small and medium-sized fish. 

To keep your Minnows live and swimming, which will attract more predatory fish, it’s important to hook them in non-vital organs. Passing the hook just under the back side of the dorsal fin is one of the more popular methods and keeps the hook centrally located.

      • FISH CLEANING | There is an ice fishing cleaning shack by Cabin 12 by the boat launch (painted blue exterior). There is no running water in the winter, but you can leave your fish guts in the freezer in there. We request you do not clean fish in the cabins, BUT if you do…PLEASE clean up after yourselves.
      • DEPOSITING GEAR | Please leave all of your ice fishing gear in the same condition as you found it – it should be left in the same spot under the outdoor awning of the gray rec building. Do NOT please leave it in the shanty or your cabin. Exception: if you’ve rented the Vexilar transducer please place it on the counter in the rec room when finished. Also again the auger should be returned in the same spot in the rec room with the battery re-placed on the charger.
      • Cheers – we hope you had a great time out on the ice! We hope your experience met your expectations as the best of all inclusive ice fishing trips Wisconsin! If you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to share with us at

General Overview | How to Ice Fish

Fishing with Tip Ups

How to Filet a Fish

Fish Fry Recipe (Fry!)

All Items Sold at the POV Self-Serve Store in the Rec!

      • 1 lb thawed fish fillets
      • ½ cup beer
      • cooking oil, enough to cover fish as specified
      • ⅓ box Shore Lunch® Fish Beer Batter Mix 
  1. Cut fillets into 4” pieces and pat dry.

  2. Pour oil into a large skillet and preheat oil to 350°F. Use a thermometer to ensure that the oil reaches 350°F.

  3. Place dry batter mix into a medium bowl. Slowly add beer, mixing with a whisk or fork, until the beer is incorporated. The batter should be fairly thick and free of lumps. Add extra beer or batter mix as necessary to reach desired consistency.

  4. Dip fish pieces in batter, gently shake off excess and carefully place in preheated oil. Oil should cover fish pieces about halfway. Avoid overcrowding.

  5. Fry each side until done, about 2-3 minutes, turning once. Fish is done when it flakes easily with a fork.

  6. Remove cooked fish pieces from oil and drain on paper towels. For the crispiest texture, let fish stand for 1-2 minutes before serving.

  1. Pour oil into a large Dutch oven or deep fryer to a depth that allows fish pieces to float while cooking. Dutch oven or deep fryer should be no more than 1/3 full of oil. Heat oil to 375°F.

  2. Prepare fish as directed above and fry until done, about 3-5 minutes. Fish is done when it flakes easily with a fork.

  3. Drain on paper towels and let fish stand for 1-2 minutes before serving.

1 (9-ounce) box of Shore Lunch Beer Batter coats about 2-3 pounds of fish. Use 1 (12-ounce) can or bottle of beer when using the entire box.

Recipe Variations/Tips:

Italian Style: Add 1 teaspoon of dried Italian seasoning and ½ cup Parmesan cheese to 1 box of batter mix. Prepare as directed above. Serve with pasta and your favorite red sauce.

Fish Tacos: Add 1 teaspoon taco seasoning to 1 box of batter mix. Prepare as directed above. Serve with flour or corn tortillas and salsa. Non-alcoholic beer (or water) can be substituted for beer.

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