POV Wedding Policies & Tips

CONTACT LIAISON PERSON: You must designate one individual as your Contact Person that is not part of the wedding couple or bridal party. This must not be someone heavily involved in the activities of the day, as they will be too busy to effectively communicate with our on-site coordinator should problems/concerns/questions. (When questions arise, do not designate any member of your bridal party, photographer, caterer, florist or musician as your liaison).

COURTESY PROTOCOL: The POV Resort reserves the right to request any person or group of people acting unruly and contrary to rental regulations to leave the premises. Assistance from law enforcement agencies may be required if this request is not met immediately.

DELIVERIES / DELIVERY TRUCKS: There is a size limit to the height and length of vehicles entering the complex due to the damage inflicted to our trees. Please coordinate limits with us. We will need to know the delivery dates and times of any rentals, so we can meet them and show them where to drop their rentals.

  • TIP | CLEANUP PREPARATIONS: If your catering vendor is not doing dinner or event cleanup, we highly advise you contact in advance of your big day your wedding guests you’ll be looking to have help on your cleanup committee and walk them through what you’ll be asking them to help with at the close of your big day. It goes a long ways to ask so and so to help with taking trash to dumpsters, another person to take down table decor, and yet another to put away food and alcohol…etc. We’ve found it goes a long way to help things go smoothly after a party if folks are prepared properly. After a whirlwind day the wedding couple shouldn’t have to worry about these things getting done 😀

ELECTRICAL OUTLETS: All exterior electrical outlets on the property are available for use at an event. The vendors are welcome to inspect the locations and numbers of outlets prior to booking. 

DECORATIONS: Any decorations, signage, electrical configurations or construction connected to any physical element of the resort must be pre-approved by POV. All decorations must be removed without leaving damages directly following the departure of the last guest unless special arrangements have been made between the Customer(s) and the venue. The only adhesive material allowed on walls is materials that will not damage surfaces (ie trees, walls, etc.). No push pins, masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape, transparent tape or double stick tape is allowed on walls. All other decoration must be freestanding. Nails and staples are not permitted at any location.

  • TIP | SIMPLE DECOR: We really advise you to keep it simple. It can be really tough on the wedding cleanup crew if there is too much teardown with decor.
  • TIP | BIRDSEED: The use of birdseed is permitted only outside for wedding and reception farewells. Rice, confetti, flower petals, balloons, glitter fog machines, pyrotechnics, sparklers and blowing bubbles are not permitted inside or outside the facilities.

EVENT ENDING TIME: All events must end by midnight to comply with Township/County sound ordinances and to allow for clean-up and closure of the site by 1:00 AM.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Trash disposal, other than the garbage disposal of items generated by the caterer (to be handled by the caterer), is your responsibility. POV Resort will provide 4 large trash and recycling bins and trash liners. Immediately following the event, please have your Clean-up Committee take a few minutes to walk all the areas of the building and property that have been utilized for the event and pick-up any refuse that may have been dropped or blown around. This trash may be placed into the POV Resort recycling and trash dumpsters. We STRONGLY advise you to talk with Clean-up Committee members prior to the event so that there are no surprises to their responsibilities at the event closure.

LICENSED BARTENDER: For insurance and liability purposes, POV Resort requires a non-wedding guest that is a licensed bartender to serve alcoholic drinks.

MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT: Due to the proximity of the POV Resort to neighborhoods, sound considerations are a concern. Although amplified music (both live and recorded) is permitted until 10pm (when quiet hours begin), the music must be contained at an acceptable sound level so as not to disturb the local surrounding area (sound can easily carry across the lake). Non-amplified music is allowed to continue until midnight outdoors. The POV Resort event coordinator will help to establish acceptable sound levels. Any complaints from neighbors or other parties may require the levels to be reduced further. POV Resort reserves the right to require Customer(s) to cease the music it deems inappropriate, in its sole discretion. POV Resort also reserves the right to require the Customer(s) to lower the sound level or cease playing music, in its sole discretion. Note: Although we are situated on 15-acres, we are keenly aware that sound travels and do, therefore, make every attempt to be considerate of our neighbors’ privacy.

PHOTOGRAPHY: The many natural settings around POV Resort were maintained and developed for the enjoyment of all events. We reserve the right to use any photographs or other media reproductions of your event in our publicity and advertising materials.

REFRIGERATOR / FREEZER / OVEN SPACE: POV Resort has, at a minimum, refrigerators/freezers and ovens in every cabin. In addition, you may utilize the chest freezer and fridge in the garage as space permits. Each event is responsible to provide their own ice (bagged ice is sold on site at cost, if needed). It makes sense to bring your beverages to the venue already chilled the day of the event. Caterers are expected to make their own food/beverage accommodations.

CABIN/GLAMPING FURNISHINGS/KITCHEN ITEMS: All cabin and glamping interior furnishings and kitchen items must be kept in units (ie chairs, glasses, etc. unless otherwise approved. These items are meant to stay within the units.

RENTAL SPACE CHANGES: Any contents or furniture movement must be pre-approved by POV Resort. It is the Customer’s responsibility to restore all areas to their original appearance. Placements of tables, tents, live music, catering equipment, etc., must also be approved by the POV Resort planning staff – this is so we may help you avoid any unknown (to you) hiccups for your big day.

SIGNAGE: You may post your group’s sign or hang balloons at the front entrance on the highway, but please do NOT attach anything to or cover up our entrance sign, or nail or screw anything to the trees.

TOILETS: Common toilet restrooms (in addition to cabin bathrooms) are provided. The Campgrounds Bathhouse has four restroom units and the Rec Building has one restroom unit (accessible from an exterior door under the building’s outdoor awning). The Rec Building Toilet Room is handicap accessible.

WEATHER: The weather is usually suitable for outside events from May 10 until October 15. We highly advise large space heaters the first three weekends of May and late September onward as it can get chilly at night. Should there be inclement weather on your reserved day, we will approve your last-minute rental of tents, canopies or heaters, provided they are set-up at an acceptable location.

LOGISTICAL PLANS: The POV Resort planning team must review and approve all proposed logistical plans for the use of the premises a minimum of five (5) days prior to an event.